Eye Hospital and Eye Institute provide oppertunity to become Ophthalmic Technician, pediatric ophthlamologist and squint specialist, Orbit and Oculoplastic Surgeon.


Orbit and Oculoplastics is being recognized as a distinct subspecialty of ophthalmology. It deals with the medical and surgical management of deformities and abnormalities of the eyelids, lacrymal (tear) system, orbit (bony socket) and the adjacent face.

Oculoplastic procedures include repair of droopy eyelids, repair of tear duct obstruction, orbital fracture repair, removal of tumors in and around the eyes, and facial rejuvenation procedures including blepharoplasty, brow lifts, cheek lifts , face lifts and laser skin resurfacing. The surgeries frequently have both functional and aesthetic purposes. An ophthalmic plastic surgeon is an ophthalmologist who has completed specialized training in plastic surgery as relates to the eyes and their surrounding structures. Since such surgery can affect one's ability to see, an ophthalmic plastic surgeon is best qualified to perform this delicate surgery and also provide any care that the eye itself may need. Our institute has separate ophthalmic plastic surgery department with a well trained oculoplastic and orbital surgeon and with basic diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. It has always been our endeavour to extend best Medical and Surgical facilities to our patients at affordable charges and we assure you to continue to work with the same competancy in the area of Orbit & Oculoplastic Diseases also. We therefore invite you to refer cases requiring oculoplastic medical or surgical treatment to enable us to making available our services to maximum number of patients


  • Well equipped examination suits
  • Ultrasound A and B scan
  • Digital ophthalmic photography
  • Digital image archival and retrieval system



  • Well equipped ophthalmic plastic surgical suit
  • Radio frequency surgical unit (Ellman surgitron)
  • Ocular implant and prosthesis



  • Ptosis, congenital and acquired
  • Entropion, ectropion, trichiasis, distichiasis (Electrolysis)
  • Eyelid reconstruction
  • Eyelid tumors
  • Cosmetic blepharoplasty
  • Brow lift
  • Gold weight implants for facial palsy
  • Lid retraction in thyroid related ophthalmopathy (TRO)



  • Dacryocystorhinostomy
  • Conjunctival dacryocystorhinostomy
  • Management of congenital dacryocystitis
  • Repair of lacrimal canalicular laceration
  • Lacrimal intubation



  • Orbitotomy for tumors
  • Medical management of TRO
  • Orbital decompression for TRO
  • Orbital fracture repair



  • Enucleation / Evisceration with implant
  • Orbital exenteration
  • Dermofat grafting
  • Prosthesis

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