Eye Hospital and Eye Institute provide oppertunity to become Ophthalmic Technician, pediatric ophthlamologist and squint specialist, Orbit and Oculoplastic Surgeon.


Procured corneas are evaluated for various parameters and based on these results they are graded. “Excellent to good” graded corneas are used for corneal transplantation while lower graded are used for therapeutic transplant which are performed to stem the spread of infection on the surface of the eye. The corneas are also screened for the HIV antibody, HBS antigen and VDRL.

The corneas are preserved in MK Medium and are used for transplantation and / or distributed to hospitals to meet their surgical therapeutics and research needs.

Transplantation of Cornea to a blind person or a person having impaired vision has assumed national importance. Creation of an Eye Bank is the first step in this direction. Promoting public awareness campaign to encourage eye donations, posting Eye Bank staff at various centers / hospitals to try encourage family members of the deceased and also to accept pledges from individuals who wish to donate eyes in future are important factors for successful implementation of this project.

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